Rookie Season Wrap-Up

The 2012 NFL season ended last Sunday for the Indianapolis Colts. We had high expectations for the team in the Playoffs, and obviously we were disappointed walking off the field after a loss to the Baltimore Ravens.

Playing the Ravens was an interesting match-up for our team for a few reasons:

1. Battling Brothers:

-Andrew Luck, Delano Howell, and I played under Jim Harbaugh for most of our college careers. Jim’s brother, John Harbaugh is the Head Coach of the Ravens.

-We also played with a wide receiver at Stanford named John Flacco. John’s brother, Joe Flacco is the starting QB for the Ravens.

2. Going back (to a former) “Home”

Coach Pagano was previously the Defensive Coordinator at the Ravens before becoming the Head Coach of the Colts.

3. Ray’s “Last Ride”

It was the last game of Ray Lewis. Regardless of your feeling toward Lewis as an individual, it still made for a very exciting football atmosphere.

4. The Baltimore Colts

The Indianapolis Colts were formerly the Baltimore Colts. The team moved abruptly, and for a long time Baltimore fans felt spurned. Until last year (coincidentally the team was the worst in the NFL at the time), the Ravens never recognized the Colts as the opposing team on the scoreboard. Rather, it was always shown as Indianapolis vs. Ravens.



Just before kick-off we were informed that Coach Arians, our offensive coordinator, was in the hospital and the preliminary tests showed that he was doing well. Obviously, this can throw a team for a loop, but with all the other surprises along the way this year, we could not have been more prepared for a situation like this. In the end, it was not getting in the end zone at the end of drives that ended our season: missed plays on offense that we could/should have made.

At the end of the game, the Ravens put in Ray Lewis as a tailback in their victory formation. He proceeded to dance as the last seconds ticked off the clock, and the crowd loved it. Internally I was divided. The competitor inside me felt a little disrespected. The fan inside me watched in awe as Lewis commanded the eyes and cheers of every person in the stadium.



1. Congratulations to Tom Telesco for earning the General Manager position at the San Diego Chargers. They could not have hired a better guy. Does this mean that Coach Arians has the inside track for their head coaching position? Maybe. To be honest, I have no insider information whatsoever on the topic. I wish I did, it might dictate how much of the playbook I would be studying in the near future. I’ll be watching ESPN just like everybody else to learn of coaching changes in the NFL If Coach Arians wants to be a Head Coach, I hope he gets that opportunity. I think that he has proved that he can be successful.

2. College football teams should be on the field during the National Anthem. In high school… the teams are on the field. In the NFL… the teams are on the field. I don’t understand why college football teams are not out there with their hands over their hearts. Until told otherwise, I’ll blame the NCAA. Not paying players AND not letting them be on the field for the National Anthem?! Something must be done about this.

3. I haven’t decided whether or not I will watch football this weekend. Yes, it’s partially sour grapes, but it is also due to the fact that I’ve probably watched a few seasons worth of games already for my “job”. Believe it or not, it’s not as enjoyable to watch football games when you’re forced to watch (and you’re not on your couch in your underwear).


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  1. Hey Coby. Thanks for putting up this blog and writing about your experiences in the NFL. As a huge Colt fan, it’s pretty cool to get the insight from a player directly beyond just Twitter. I’m really excited to see how the team improves next year, especially after smashing expectations and creating a memorable season that Colts fans will remember for a long time. Best of luck during the offseason and we’ll see you again next year!

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