Falling Off the Cliff

The title isn’t referencing the recent Fiscal Cliff debacle, but rather how the immediate end to the NFL season for players is an unusual juxtaposition of schedules.

The NFL Offseason is an intriguing period for players. Your every moment during the season is scripted. What time you’ll wake up, when you’ll lift, when you’ll meet, when you’ll eat lunch, when you’ll warm-up, when you’ll practice, when you’ll meet after practice…

Then, suddenly it’s over. You build up to the playoffs (or the end of the regular season for most teams), and then once your season ends, everything stops. There is no gradual end of the season process. You lose. You get an end of the year physical and meeting. You’re done for months. There isn’t one thing that you have to do. It feels like summer vacation in grade school, except that there isn’t Little League Baseball or swimming lessons or even summer reading. You have months of blackout dates.

I think this is part of the reason guys get in trouble. There is so much structure during the season, and completely the opposite once it is over. If you did not leave college with the skills necessary to moderate yourself without a Coach dictating everything that you do, you won’t survive very long. Players have money that they’ve never had, and free time that they don’t know what to do with.

“So you’re telling me I can sleep in until 2pm if I want, and I still have a decent amount of money left over from the season?!”

Now, you can’t just lie on the couch and watch tv, the off-season is the best time to improve the weaknesses in your game that you and your coach found during the past season. During the season it is harder to find time to work on individual weaknesses because of the team emphasis and the time constraints.


Wow, what a week for the NFL huh?

1. Chip Kelly hired as the Eagles Head Coach.

-I predicted he would go to the NFL, but the prospect of Michael Vick running Chip Kelly’s offense is likely to make opposing defensive coordinators stay up a little later each night thinking about the craziness that could unfold on gameday.


2. Bruce Arians hired as Arizona Cardinals Head Coach.

-Arians proved that he is ready to handle the reigns of a team after stepping in for Coach Pagano. I will have to tutor Cardinals Tight End Jim Dray as best I can on his new offense.


3. Stanford Offensive Coordinator Pep Hamilton is on the short list to replace Arians.

-Sorry guys, no inside scoop here. I just read the same articles you did. However, I would say, that hiring Hamilton would be great for Andrew (and selfishly, me) in that we are very familiar with his offense. Learning new schemes is one of the most difficult parts of coaching turnover (from a player’s perspective).


4. Manti Teo’s Girlfriend Hoax

-Geez Louise! I’m not even going to add to the already ridiculous amount of information and speculation out there on this story. Something I would like to know is how Deadspin got turned onto the story though.

-I’d like to be in some of his interviews with the teams at the Combine… it’s no holds barred.


Odds and ENDS

After having to email or text message multiple people telling them that their email had been hacked, I thought I would do a pre-emptive attack on the topic of webmail for the readers.


1. I recommend using Gmail as your primary email account (You can still have your mail forwarded there and sent back out as if it is from another account).

2. After signing up for a Gmail account. Turn on 2-step authentication.

            -This adds an extra line of security in case someone tries to get access to your account.

            -Example: John Doe sets up his email address (JDoe@gmail.com) and decides that he wants to make a really easy password because he is a forgetful fellow.

            -Mr. Doe then writes his password on a piece of paper. Because Mr. Doe is forgetful, he leaves the piece of paper on a table at the local coffee shop.

            -Mr. Hacker finds John’s piece of paper and tries to log in and steal all of Doe’s personal information from his new Gmail account…

            -HERE’S WHERE YOU WANT TO PAY ATTENTION- Hacker can’t access the Gmail account! Once he types in the username and password correctly, he is asked to type in a super duper secret code that is sent by text message directly to John Doe’s phone. Without the code, Hacker is stuck.

            -For everyone thinking, “Oh my gosh Coby, that would be such a pain to have to pull out my phone every time I want to check my emails!” Please relax, if you have a computer at home that you want to add to the list of devices that Gmail will remember (so you don’t have to enter a code each time), it’s very easy to do.

            -Many companies are actually trying to figure out a way to get rid of passwords altogether. See Wired’s story here.