Rookie Real Estate, Super Bowl Wrap-up

NFL Living Situations

Congratulations! You just got drafted! After a stellar senior year as the starting holder for your college, you were the third to last pick in the NFL Draft (and the first ever holder taken! For our non-football readers, the holder is the guy who kneels down and holds the ball for the kicker. Usually this role is filled by the punter or a backup quarterback already on the team.). You receive a signing bonus of $40,000 (that’s a rough guess based on reading the first few links on Google, and it’s BEFORE TAXES). That’s more than the average American makes in a year!

After a good performance in training camp, you’ve made the 53-man roster! Congratulations! Confident that you’ll be here for the rest of the year (of course you made the team. Duh!), you sign a lease at the second nicest apartment building in town, and start to get settled in (you wanted to be smart with your money, and not go with the most expensive place). You spend $10,000 on everything you need to fill the apartment from silverware to TVs in the living room and master bedroom.

After the first game, two of the team’s linemen get injured, and they need to bring in some guys to fill their spots. Sorry, but the team is going to have to waive you. There’s good news though, a team on the other side of the country really needs a holder, so they’re willing to bring you in! 

You didn’t read the lease of your apartment. You still have to pay your rent for the apartment with Team 1. Bummer, that’s $20,000 down the drain (not to mention monthly utility bills outside of rent)! You’re back on a team though, and you can make that amount during one game, so there is a bright side.

After paying for two weeks in a hotel with Team 2, you start to feel comfortable with the team and your role. You want to get your own place. Smartly, this time you read your lease, and can get out of it if you get cut… as long as the apartment owners can find someone to take your spot. Great! Call a moving company. Let’s get your stuff out here! 

More bad news. Waived again. You have no idea why this time. You notify your landlord. It’s the beginning of Winter, and there are rarely people that are looking for apartments during this time. Hopefully they can find someone to fill your spot as you fly around the country trying out for different teams.

I’m not trying to say that the NFL isn’t a great place to work or that it’s not fun. It’s a great opportunity. I just wanted to illustrate some of the difficulties of the nature of playing in the NFL. These problems become magnified when players buy homes in areas. Imagine paying multiple mortgages, not living in those homes, and having to choose whether to sell them at a huge loss or continue paying monthly bills that you can barely afford. There are interesting aspects of an NFL career that many people don’t realize.

Herm Edwards wisely suggested to NFL new players during a speech he gave at the Rookie Syposium. If you want something, get one. You don’t need two houses, two bling-bling chains, two cars, two girlfriends, etc.


Odds and ENDS: Super Bowl Edition

The biggest spectacle in all sports took place Sunday. Where were you for the game? I thought about writing about the game, and then decided that you could find MILLIONS of websites discussing the game. Frankly, after two weeks of coverage before the game, and two days dissecting every moment of it after, I’m a little Super Bowled out, so I’ll make it brief.

-I wonder what would have happened had ALL the power gone out. Now that would have made for some interesting television.

-I was impressed at the way the 49ers battled back into a game that I was almost sure they were out of.

-The name “Super Bowl” always seemed to lack creativity to me. It seems like a bunch of football big-wigs sat in a room and the options they came up with were: The Great Bowl, The Awesome Bowl, and the Super Bowl. The rest is history (I should say, I haven’t come up with a better name… yet. Don’t worry Mr. Goodell, I’ll call you right after I trademark it.)

-Frank Gore is hugely underrated. I wonder how many people have to say that before it makes him “aptly rated” –I made that up. I’m not sure what you are called if you’re in between overrated and underrated. If there is a phrase that I’m missing, please tweet it to me.

-The end of the Super Bowl means the end of the NFL season. Take a look at your calendar and see how long that was. Now look at me. Now look at your calendar. Now make a surprised face. Now continue reading.

-The commercials overall? Meh. It would have been difficult to make the Bar Rafaeli make-out commercial more uncomfortable. Did we figure out how much she got paid for that yet?

-The car that Flacco got was pretty cool. You think he’ll sell it or keep it?



1. Northern lights

We are always looking around the world for examples on how we can improve as a country. Most recently the Nordic countries have gone under a microscope for ways to improve capitalism. Everyone has an opinion. Yours doesn’t matter unless you agree with me… or so they say in Washington.

2. Why Police Lie Under Oath

I’m always interested in the motivation of humans. Freakonomics is a book (and later movie) talking about the sometimes misaligned motivations in certain situations. This may be one of those situations.

3. What Twitter Really Looks Like

Pretty cool to be able to see how and when tweeters (and sometimes twits) are tweeting their tweets.

4. Are Placebos Really Sugar Pills?

In many studies for medicine, placebos are used. You would be surprised to know where these pills come from and what is in them.