Meeting the Colts

The first time I got to talk to the staff at the Indianapolis Colts, I didn’t know what to expect. I knew that some coaches and maybe some management were taking a private plane to come work out the quarterback at Stanford. You probably haven’t heard anything about him at this point. 

I should probably tell you that I’m one of those people who says, “I’m great with faces… really bad with names.” Well, when it comes to NFL management and coaches, I’m not too great with either. Looking back, maybe I should have looked through the Colts website to put a name with a face before sitting down and talking, but alas… I’m a moron.

Coach Pagano, Bruce Arians (former Colts O.C., now the Head Coach at the Arizona Cardinals), Ryan Grigson (General Manager), Tom Telesco (former Colts Director of Player Personnel, now G.M. for the Chargers), and other “heavy hitters” from the Colts had made there way to Stanford to talk with and see the QB workout. It just so happened that I was also around during this time, and was able to sit in on some of these meetings, including some of my own.


My Main Memories:

1. Sitting in a meeting as Arians described basic concepts of his offense.

-Nodding my head and pretending to understand, while I stared at Andrew, thinking, “I hope you’re getting this, because you’re going to have to explain it to me later.”


2. Arians had his sunglasses on the entire time. Including indoors.

-Some sort of eye infection had me wondering if Coach was talking to me, Andrew, or the wall the entire time.


3. When I first met Ryan Grigson, the General Manager, I didn’t know who he was (I was trying to impress 32 NFL teams at the time, and I couldn’t tell you what a single GM looked like).

-His size (he is a former NFL O-lineman) combined with his questions about how I lifted weights made me think that he must have been the strength coach.

-I didn’t understand why they would fly their strength coach out to meet with me and watch a workout, but I didn’t have time to worry about that, I was just trying to make a good impression on everyone, regardless of what they coached.


4. The on-field drills were tough.

-Not because they made us run a lot or because it was difficult stuff, rather it was because I could not understand what Bruce Arians was saying. He has an interesting combination of southern drawl and cuss vocabulary that made me stare at him blankly multiple times. I’ve heard his voice compared to Robert Downey Jr.’s character in Tropic Thunder.

Odds and ENDS


1. I got to meet soon-to-be Kansas City Chiefs QB Alex Smith this past weekend. I get the impression that he would have fit in well at Stanford. He seems intelligent and friendly. If the Chiefs can combine his knowledge of the 49ers offensive checks, the Chiefs running game, and Coach Reid’s knowledge of the offense as a whole (full disclosure: I’ve never worked with Coach Reid, so I am speaking as a fan on that) they could transform into a pretty potent team in just one year. Minor Details: they also have a high quality defense and the number 1 pick in the draft.

2. It’s amazing how you adapt to schedule you have. At Stanford, during the football season, I was still able to get all my work done. During the off-season it was more difficult, because I had a more open schedule. While it seems counter-intuitive, it often holds true. In the NFL, the regular schedule allowed for better planning, and an understanding of how much time I had.

“If you wait to start your paper an hour before it’s due, it will only take you an hour.” 

3. Something should be done about Spring Ball in college. These guys are playing full contact football almost all year round. Yes, it will improve players. Yes, it will also injure players. YES, THE NCAA MUST MAKE A RULING WITH MORE STRICT LIMITS, AS COACHES WILL USE EVERY MINUTE THEY ARE GIVEN. I understand that it’s a great opportunity for young guys to improve their skills and knowledge of the playbook. That can be done without the current level of hitting in college today.


After School Reading

1. The Self-Healing Road (!/11275/the-self-healing-road/)

-Save money on road repairs by having the road heal itself. 

2. Report: Company using Johnny Manziel’s signature on trading cards (

-This article suggests that Manziel can simply sue the trading card company. Hypothetically, could an unwritten agreement happen in which Manziel arranges to sue the company and they settle for a sum before court? This would bypass NCAA rules, and allow Manziel to make money off of his name during college. Sounds like a loop hole to me… Hey Andrew Luck, why didn’t we think of that?

3. Quanta Research (

This is awesome. You’ll have to check it out yourself to truly grasp how amazing computers are.



5 Replies to “Meeting the Colts”

  1. Hey Coby,
    Big Colts fan here. With all the colts defensive improvements via free agency and chemistry improving on the offense, I have high expectations for the team this year. I want to see the plays you made at Stanford transition to the Colts offensive scheme. Between Damon Allen and you, the yardage potential is colossal. I expect production similar to Hernandez and Gronkowski of the Patriots. Work hard, Play hard. Colts Nation man. Bring your “A” game this year, don’t hold back. Your jersey is in the mail. All the way to small town Orillia, Ontario, Canada. I hope to attend the Bronco Colts game. The return of Manning will be insane. See you this season man, hopefully reeling in some big grabs.

    Mike Waslowski
    Canadian Colts Fan

  2. Great stuff Coby! I really enjoyed the reading and I will follow your writing. Thanks for making people smile! I do agree with Mike, you have a lot more game in you than we seen in 2012.

    Keith Krzeminski aka (ski)
    Kokomo, IN. soon to be Belize

  3. I agree with Mike but I have one comment on his post. Who’s Damon Allen? I’m assuming you mean Dwayne Allen but being a big Colts fan you probably should learn his name and THEN post a comment. Just givin ya crap Mike. I have very high expectations for this team as well. Hopefully Coby is targeted more. That won’t happen without a solid #2 WR to take coverage off of the TEs and let’s face it, Brazill isn’t our number 2. Hilton is slot. We need someone like Maclin or Lloyd in the #2.

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